Poem #1,755 – “Diamond Burial” – Romanticism – 8/15/2021

Speak your curse,
Being cruel in all tragic shapes
That softened you to worse.
Love waited, then divided
The space between your eyes.
Your sight changes, as you confided
In the world’s end.

You were biblical in your burning
Of a heart, within a whore’s mouth.
Blood was your honey –

From open veins, with defeated agony.
You wear your crippled limbs
With grace, smiling on a whim.

Diamond droplets as shooting stars,
A path that decays upon sunrise.
Two feet at matching size
Stepping at lessons learned, for feelings far.

Your gaze glimpses infinity
In the dark phases of serenity.
You speak to the moon –

While cupping its light,
Worrying with glaciers in your eyes.
Pen the moment your heart is watered
To grow a garden never smothered
From silent portraits
That would watch your surrender.

At the waterfall
Where the blue flame to your eyes
Journeys our steps,
Raise what was buried to conjure presence
With diamonds to recall your sentence.

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