Philosophy – “Why People do not Expect Forgiveness” – 8/21/2021

“The cycle of vengeance goes as such: playing catch with a ball that is hurled to the other, in the full expectation that it will be thrown back. Without smiles nor the friendly chatter, the tosses back and forth break the bones and burst the vessels of the other’s soul. Neither are stronger than the other, as they are equally weakened. Neither is better than the other, and then no better to the other.”

– Modern Romanticism

Forgiveness is the superior weapon to vengeance, though not an instrument that proceeds on ongoing “progressive” nature that ends up in depletion. Whatever is limited of a human, machine, or generation will define this regression or downwards spiral, to being nothing better because nothing will be better than another thing nor better to another thing.

Doing wrong upon another will be expected of them to do wrong upon ourselves. We do not expect forgiveness, because a human’s basic nature is to wish for this cycle to continue. Progress churns what is depicted of ourselves as a mere exchange, not a halt. Progressive minds are vengeful ones, because it is a designed mindset to uplift fundamentalism. The fundamentals to human desire is to crave and be tempted, then making progression of society as easily clung upon knowledge. Knowledge, being the greatest human hunger, since to know more is to find exploitations in weaknesses. Through this, progress cultivates a cycle of deception and passionate vengeance. If blind to this, then what is it to desire, if not to expect or heighten expectations even upon technology?

Technology is received with expectations through those who crave the next model of a device. We will not expect such cycles to cease. Though, even if this is a place among the external realms, the personal ones are no different. Forgiveness halts what is deemed within an exchange to another to strengthen the self, in all things beneficial of knowing. And yet, in this, depletion of the self is the result when we are also exploited only to the expectation of such, as our insecurities will find ourselves to want more. Dissatisfaction, if one trait of a progressive mindset, will be the same for a vengeful kind.

If there is one thing a person cannot expect, then it is what halts the cycle of progress that depletes or degrades. In doing this, a person is able to be a witness to what is repairable only through satisfaction, in passing love and heart upon what needs no improvement.

Expectations cannot hold up forgiveness, since forgiveness needs no elevation. What is forgiven is thus seen at the same level, out of both being depleted in their realization that neither were strongest no matter how much was known. What was known is soon regretted to ever having been understood, though forgiveness will enlighten both the progressive and vengeful mind that this supposedly beneficial knowledge had been a downgrade rather than the opposite. Were this feat to be shared to a corporation whose purpose is to exploit weakness for materialist gain-hood, it might pose no difference for the recurring acts. Even then, it could allow an individual to humanize even a machine. A machine that, for its purpose, is to only obey what it must take apart or build, meaning to find weakness to then improve, as though everything is being molded or carved into imagery.

Forgiveness is not expected, because humans consider expectations before what cannot be expected. Forgiveness cannot be expected, because itself cannot be improved nor elevated. To the one receptive of forgiveness, there is realization to how their constant advancements, through a perpetual state of dissatisfaction, had in fact downgraded them. It was not beneficial, though merely degrading.

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