Philosophy – “The Reason to say ‘Men and Women’, in that Order” – 11/28/2020

“Life cannot be born, without a beginning to pain, for no woman could end it without first a care for her own.”

– Modern Romanticism

Why has there been a change, to now say, “Women and men”, in that order?

It is no by means a sexist remark to believe it should be the opposite. Because, to believe the order, being “Men and women” is sexist, goes against logic. In the order, “Women and men” is to say “Omega to Alpha”, or “Ending to beginning”. We can then ask, “Does life begin, or is life meant to end?” Are we just Nihilists to the meaninglessness of life, and that all meaning becomes joined, upon an ending, upon a birth to a dystopia?

Upon disorder, rather than order, we would say, “Ending to beginning”. That’s the “Omega to Alpha”, in the representation of a purge, to the beginning of something else. An ending to something, to the forced beginning of another, without Natural Law.

We would realize, guided from “Ending to beginning” that such beginnings to this world are unclear, as they no longer give us hope. To the “ending” part, there is understood from this an extinguishing of what was always clear, though is now killed.

The most natural thing about life, is that it has a beginning through a seed. Men plant that seed in the womb, thus is the reason for why God was made a Father. A woman cannot become a Mother, without that seed. We can behold before ourselves, the onset to “Progressivism”, by which all things natural are led through progress inevitably towards the unnatural. For how else would life become so unnatural, if we no longer followed things by the “Natural Order” of beginning to ending?

Beginning to ending is the “Natural Order”, though all things so natural become artificial when they are questioned enough to be dissected. Dissected, or rather, destroyed, for that is how order breaks. We dissect, or break, the objective “meaning” of life, down to where it holds none. We are left to then say, “Women and men” or “Ending and beginning”. It is because what is killed, or what has “fallen”, has now become the latter. It has become the representation of what has literally ended, to now the literal beginning of something still so unclear.

Pain is the testimony to a beginning. Labor, which is what a woman runs through, upon childbirth, reflects the work needed to enter pain, to then end it. A woman begins nothing of life, for even if she never engaged in sexual intercourse to become impregnated, she still needed a seed. Even if science took over that natural process, the woman still needed a seed to enter herself.

If pain is what begins life, or creates all beginnings, then it is to its ending where we comprehend that such is the only thing ever meant to end. Yet, it ends, naturally, by the death of it. Is life none so tolerable, that we must numb ourselves to reality? We are then a living corpse.

To say it in the order, “Men and women” merely represents “Beginning to ending”. That is how life naturally progresses in development, within the womb. It ends its development, to begin another one, in active life. The purest creation, being life, requires a seed for its beginning. We say a woman can start a business, rent an apartment for her residence, be a single mother to provide for her children, all on her own. Though, nothing of this can be seen, as no sons nor daughters can be birthed, without the man’s seed, without his beginning.

It is again that we say that God is the Father, for He beholds for us the creation around ourselves. All literal beginnings of life, would have to result from a seed. An entrance, to an exit, is the beginning of pain to its ending. The beginning of development, to its ultimate end. To then, the beginning of something else.

Philosophy – “Why Human Responsibility is the Enemy of Progress” – 11/11/2020

“No human could immediately correct themselves, without needing convenience. Whereas, no human could form wisdom, without an extended time in suffering.”

– Modern Romanticism

To think science would be needed, if there was a way for all humans to “grow up”, is the definition of ignorance. All humans, when errored or imperfect, displaying such in their actions, when observed by scientific eyes are granted as an idea for a correction. A correction. For to correct the error of a human, is progress. Is it “progress” to say that a human has been corrected of their error, through immediate convenience. We can also say that the human form, full of errors, is the definition to things so instantaneous, like lust, exiting as quick as it entered. As it is, all human bodies enter and leave this world like the flicker of lightning. To differ the body from the mind is to differ a “temporary” aspect from an “infinite” aspect.

We could not be errored beings, without our bodies. Not at all could we be understanding of our imperfections, of our flaws, without in the knowledge that such is seen in the mirror. Of our flesh, of what has been sculpted, perhaps to the detail of an amateurish artist. We can protect, out of love, though against what if we never interact, if we live alone?

Human interaction is the necessity to which a person finds error. Through observation, we see error, we criticize it, and then find a need to correct. Though, on the side of progress, wisdom is never for its sake. As in, wisdom does not heed progress’s wish. That is, for progress seeks correction of every imperfection, instantly. It is to the same example of a wound, needing its bleeding to quit. For when the act of pressure to the wound was performed, it was immediate in its desire, as quickly as the wound was observed to be severe.

Wisdom would tell a person to find a dutifulness in responsibility. Wisdom would tell a person to not commit the same fault, twice. Wisdom would tell a person that error is inevitable, and thus, should not be believed it can be extinguished, in absolution. It would be the case, upon two occasions: love or death, making either the time when we stop seeing errors, and consent to the outcome.

It is then that wisdom makes the human not needing progress, not needing science. For if all humans were wise, heeded the need to be responsible, no immediacy of science’s offered conveniences would be necessary. It is rather a petty revelation, to which science only exists to offer convenience, at the absence of wisdom, and the continued existence of human error. For the more errors that scientific eyes can notice, the more there is to correct. It would indeed take more time, to form wisdom. Though, to what science offers, makes time our greatest impatience, and the immediate moment making our greatest desire for a cure.

A Quote of Wisdom – “Progressiveness to Denial” – Pt. 2 – 4/16/2020

The face of denial will always be the face of Death. How do we prove the existence of God? By believing in the non-existence of God, and that is how. Love, in the form of the highest emotion, the most eternal emotion, extinguishes fear, extinguishes the fear of Death. Because of love, humans are heroic. Because of love, humans can be genuine with their actions.

We deny Death, or perhaps we deny our own capability to be heroic or genuine. It is, as well, because we deny that any person we love CAN die. We confuse ourselves into thinking that it cannot ever occur.

In that mode, we become comfortable. In that mode, we do not see what is coming. And, how can we blame ourselves, when in a comforting home, we are not afraid. When in a comforting home, we can be settled.

What do we embrace, then, when not embracing love? We embrace progressiveness and fear. With that, comes denial. Denial is the label upon the forehead of an individual, who is not denying others, but being denied by others.

To believe in the non-existence of God, one must believe in themselves capable of believing in the life of another person, labelled to be denied. By understanding someone’s non-existence, it immediately becomes someone’s existence. Who was ignored, is now being offered attention.

Any person who is denied, ends up a pauper, ends up dead.

Humans were not made to roam this Earth, alone. And yet, we’ve promoted “self-love” and “self-care” as though when the first humans were on Earth, they did not look for other humans. Instead, such people of such movements believe that the first humans on Earth simply stared at their own reflection, not looking for any form of belonging.

For an Atheist to say that the “existence” of God is none, is the same thing to say of a human who looks upon a pauper, and ignores them. It is of the same mindset. For to ignore the existence of God, the existence of love, would be to ignore the one who is denied, not the one who denies others. How could God ignore others, when He is love? How can we ignore God, besides doing just that?

Arrogance, and nothing more, and everything less.

Does a person crave betrayal in this current realm of things? Does a person want to be betrayed, so they can feel “empowered” enough to do things with their own two hands? That is a life of fear, being a fact. Where is the value of teamwork gone? Where is the value of belief gone?

If one is comfortable on their own, they still have too much to lose. Thus, they are comfortable enough, and live their lives as a gimmick.

A Quote of Wisdom – “Progressiveness to Denial” – 4/16/2020

It is utterly weak of the mind and will to even consider that a person could simply “progress” past inevitable human obstacles like their own nature. Does a human, in today’s time, see of their own form in the mirror, the need to replace it with machine parts? Such would only result in the burying of humanity. Why do we call words of wisdom “deep”? We say that, because they come from areas too far to typically be reached by anyone who is consumed by fear. Replace yourself with something that you’re not, and you’ll not erase, but merely bury yourself in a grave, while alive.

Therefore, bury your own nature, and you’ll find a rising society that is bent around the life of “moving away from satisfaction”. That satisfaction was our nature, and that nature is now buried. Is it now a seed, waiting to sprout something to explode in our face?

When we run away from satisfaction, we embrace fear, and we live our lives in that fear, in that denial. What we can no longer reach, being our nature, we call such wisdom “deep” by those who do indeed have the courage to reach it, and pull it out.

“Progressiveness” creates a society of denial, where everything once believed about ourselves, is simply denied. What results is the element of “no judgement”, movements that are against hatred in the form of speech (which is an oxymoron), among other aspects.

Human satisfaction is on the side of love. No so-called “movement” can believe in love, when it also promotes “progression”. It is as contradicting as it sounds.

A Quote of Wisdom – “Of Human Advancement…” – 3/14/2020

“It should be known by the doers of it, that human advancement is a sure sign to ‘live forever’, and steer far from death. For to continue advancement, to continue progress, is then to not desire death. Though, where do we get ourselves, when we no longer fear the perishing of ourselves in ashes? When we no longer fear death, what comes from this? It must be to then fear life. Through no longer fearing death, and now fearing life, we will no longer create life. We will divide life. Advancement only has one motive: to divide flesh, for the sake of the consumers to possibly receive the largest share. We devour, as humans. We consume, as humans. We are carnivorous, as humans.

To make us plant-eaters, only makes us easier to divide. Is not a leaf easier to cut, than flesh?

Human advancement is the raising of Hell, while Christianity tells us to look forward to death.

How is it not factual that humans would want to ‘live forever’, or ‘continue to advance’, as this is opposite from peace and rest? It shows to us that humans are heading in a direction where we will no longer fear death, but soon come to fear living. Then, we will be suicidal fiends, with so much pain from the absence of fear and the fear of death, that we will no longer be curious over life. We will be curious over how to die.

Because of this, and through becoming such suicidal fiends, we will begin to divide ourselves. Of our own accord, we will divide our own flesh, eat ourselves, and no longer see beauty for what it objectively stands as.

For the beauty of flesh only ever represents the ‘correct time’ to divulge truth. Because, truth is identical to beauty and flesh, and should truth no longer shock us, then we have truly killed God. For that means that truth must come before the emotion of love, such as when a woman disrobes herself to be embraced by her man. Correct times, do not make the truth free. Free truth, makes the truth divided, and humans become miserable.

We no longer seem to raise truth beyond the reach of any other human besides the one devoted to it, willing to protect it. We then can only bury it, once it has died, after we have died from what may truly shock us.”

Book Concept – “Humanity’s Subtle Extinction” – 3/2/2020

Our obsession with identity and appearance, will make the downfall of our species, through regression, while we continue to call it progression. To recede back to our origin, back to our beginning, through endless discovery upon ourselves, is the Nihilistic effort to see “change” be the thing to kill off our species. For that is because when we seek to discover who we are, we dwell in the pain and confusion that is a beginning. A beginning, being something related to nightmare or Death.

What will be proved with this book is that Death is the beginning of each human. We do not look into history to see ourselves, as much as we look into history to see what has died.

What is resurrected from the past, is what creates fear, and an intense individual focus upon identity or historical information, is an intense focus upon Death or nightmare. For that is because each thing related to Death, relates to the subconscious, resurrected in our sleep as nightmares.

To resurrect them into reality is to make either a Schizophrenic, or a true monster. For that is what the Nihilist questions, is it not? The “reality” for its perception, that is, and never an absolute, is what is on the Nihilist’s mind.

Dig too deep, and you discover the skeleton beneath our flesh. Then, you make yourself into the feared monster that Death incorporates, being that skeleton. You then begin to epitomize Death.