Philosophy – “The Flaws with Progressivism” – 9/13/2021

“No progress has ever been made without not a negation, though a forgiveness, of the past. To forgive, not to forget, means to conceive wrong, though to place betterment ahead of it.”

– Modern Romanticism

Progressivism possesses its flaws, much of which are a reversal from common sense into emotion. Progress follows the head of common sense and logic, while emotions are meant to be tamed. How can a person call themselves “progressive”, when their views stem to ideals such as unlimited power in government or the looseness of morals? Without limitations, we have no progress. It is not progress, if it means to corrupt. It is not progress, if it means to let loose.

Progress believes in restraint. It believes not in a lack of accomplishment, though in steadiness. It should believe that sacrifice will follow the majority’s belief, not the minority. It believes that the minority is only the individual, not the collective group or category.

A motive as vengeance holds the one with such in the past. One cannot move forward when emotions such as anger and unresolved grief has a person held in the past, believing such wrong to still happen today. The wrong that occurs today is the one that that stays within the self, the individual, not within surrounding environments, and not within society. If one cannot move apart from the past, knowing progress demands such, then the issue remains not with society, though with the individual in possession of this flaw. To believe in progress should mean to also believe in freedom, to believe in a Democracy that upholds truth. What better defines freedom, if not meaning to have greater control over the impulses of the self, not the world or society?

When even a leader has a mindset of both past and present, though never the future, they cannot be called one. It is not a leader to see only past and present. Instead, it is a leader who is able to forgive the past, be clear of the moment, and foresee the future with ease.

Through vengeance, limitations are a nothingness. There are no limitations, when such cycles repeat, endlessly. We cannot be called progressive nor can we make progress, when limits have not been set or are ignored. When rules or laws are broken, progress is reversed into regression. Limitations, through which follow the head of common sense and logic, mean to be less wishing for control over others. Instead, limitations are placed upon the self, following the discipline to lead through morals and comprehension of the future. As motives riddled with emotions, such as vengeance, would holder the possessor back, it is forgiveness to the past that allows a leader’s mindset for forward-thinking.

If the only way is forward, then a so-called progressive who see the past would be the objectively hateful individual. One who does not see the future, though must be remedied always of their anxiety, is filled with this bitterness. They view the past, believe it more unclear than the future, and then cannot forgive to be able to move forward. If the only way is forward, then those so infused with boundless and limitless emotions are stuck.

Emotions are chaos. Logic is there to tame them, to tell them where their place is, and to believe more in the truth. If to be progressive means to be chaotic or unlimited, then progress cannot be made. For emotions, there are lies. Being under control, there is truth. There is clarity when emotions do not drive the motives for an individual or a collective force.

For emotions, take to the stage. Do not feed the viewing mind with them, unless it did not happen. For the television program, if emotions are the setting, then it is not information, though lies. Offer truthful information, because when viewing minds perceive emotions, there is no understanding but to them, for what had transpired. Then, there is no progress, because the fixation on emotions is the strict focus on their chaos. Again, it becomes stuck. All viewing individuals then cannot move past what has been seen. Bitterness is the result.

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