Philosophy – “When a Nation has Reached its Peak in Progress” – 9/19/2021

“Prominence for the focus of difference or diversity is the sign that progress or development can no longer be achieved. When it is similarity that, through being able to set aside differences, brings about the result, this is not ever achievable in a society that has instilled its current focus on what is different.”

– Modern Romanticism

Wars have only ended, because of similarity. No one did win, though a white flag was waved to indicate surrender. Everyone loses. No one wins, during a conflict that cannot decide a victor. There is no place for everyone to be a winner. There is, instead, infinite places for each individual to lose. Progress is achievable with relation, with the same example of a white flag that indicates surrender to be understood as more a symbol of understanding. The white flag says, “We have lost, though you won nothing.”

We are nothing on the front lines, believing then we are everything as a mere observer within the background. Comprehensive of encounter, we know enough to drop our loads. We can be at peace, not with war, while realizing that excess burden does not stimulate the road towards a result. What nation has ever been brought up, while its people live in ruin? Progress is built, not being a system of deconstruction, because it is ever only achievable when things work. Though, a nation that has reached its peak for progress will find what does not work, being so much of diversity or difference, to be the greater desire. This is an inevitability. When a poor nation can find it possible to achieve workings within the boundaries of relation, it is through the understanding that each individual is at a loss. Poverty teaches a person to gain, when during its own era, opportunity is always ample.

Not the loss of wealth, though what disappears of opportunity makes the nation rich. It is the opposite for the poor nation that strives to achieve, with opportunity revealing what works with workers. As development can only ever occur through relation, it becomes the indication of trust that displays itself as pure opportunity. The opportunist trusts another, though might betray them due to that such only held faith for the self. To gain, one cannot follow the rules nor be so conventional as to limit the self. Idealization is the place of opportunity. Reality is the place of wealth or what is already had.

In living in rich nations where dissatisfaction is the face of those who cannot show gratitude for the reality to their wealth, idealization is the result of their ways. Their ideals, making them victims to delusion, comprehend only what the self desires. In rejecting the reality to their gain or gains, such victimization becomes the catalyst to lead a nation towards poverty. At a loss, that is, and within the delusional belief that there is nothing where there is everything. In such a nation, there cannot be relation for what can work, when its people believe that nothing does.

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