Philosophy Series – Pt. 1 – “Why Anger is Mute” – 9/28/2021

“Nothing deprives the soul so much as to build a dam of fire, a wall of flame, around what is intended to flood the self. These are waters meant to reveal reflections, to an understanding from the external individual who can look within what is grief. As anger is built, in vain, around sadness, it becomes nothing of the former than can tell a story when it is the latter that shows a mirror.”

– Modern Romanticism

Anger holds no voice. No amount of shouts nor crazed jeers can tell the tale that exists within. It is oil that cannot mix with water, remaining of itself at the surface. When it burns, it is a shield. A flame shield, so to speak, that conceals what is essentially hurt. Anger does not express, as it covers when it supposed to be the flood. The flood, being of grief, will not result from sheer anger. It results when the anger is dropped, only for the grief to be left. Would the grief be left, then there is no cover, just as the concealment to a book is the same. What is left, is the story.

A story told, through sadness, is because anger is gone. No one can control anger, because no one can contain a flame that is meant to be out of control when it destroys. Anger destroys. Through it, no control is maintained when the enraged individual has no intention on subduing themselves. It is through anger, that because it is an addiction, there is supposed strength. The enraged individual believes their anger is a strength, not a weakness. Though, in reality, it is a weakness. Through tears, people are strong. With tears, people come together in the reflections that reveal understanding.

There is no unity with anger. Anger does not communicate, becuase its staying upon the surface cannot be the open book for the revealed story. Vulnerability are the tears, the grief, the understanding to the sadness that forms connections and bonds out of empathy. Humans understand, through the empathic endeavors, since being vulnerable will not show the toxicity that is anger. Vulnerability attracts, inevitably so, since no one can ignore what they understand. No one is tested on what is already understood, since through vulnerability, there is solutions. There are answers with vulnerability. There is a nothingness that results with anger, since out of its intent, there is the desire to make external things vulnerable. The enraged person hurts another. The enraged person is hurt. To hurt another, one’s anger or flame overwhelms the vulnerability of another. There is no connection between fire and water, when it is to whom the angered person is hurting, that we are drawn to.

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