Philosophy Series – Pt. 1 – “Why Anger is Mute” – 9/28/2021

“Nothing deprives the soul so much as to build a dam of fire, a wall of flame, around what is intended to flood the self. These are waters meant to reveal reflections, to an understanding from the external individual who can look within what is grief. As anger is built, in vain, around sadness, it becomes nothing of the former than can tell a story when it is the latter that shows a mirror.”

– Modern Romanticism

Anger holds no voice. No amount of shouts nor crazed jeers can tell the tale that exists within. It is oil that cannot mix with water, remaining of itself at the surface. When it burns, it is a shield. A flame shield, so to speak, that conceals what is essentially hurt. Anger does not express, as it covers when it supposed to be the flood. The flood, being of grief, will not result from sheer anger. It results when the anger is dropped, only for the grief to be left. Would the grief be left, then there is no cover, just as the concealment to a book is the same. What is left, is the story.

A story told, through sadness, is because anger is gone. No one can control anger, because no one can contain a flame that is meant to be out of control when it destroys. Anger destroys. Through it, no control is maintained when the enraged individual has no intention on subduing themselves. It is through anger, that because it is an addiction, there is supposed strength. The enraged individual believes their anger is a strength, not a weakness. Though, in reality, it is a weakness. Through tears, people are strong. With tears, people come together in the reflections that reveal understanding.

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Philosophy – “Why Anger is Never the Cure” – 12/26/2020

“Anger, the cure to life, by the death of it. For we aim to put out the flame with a greater one, and never so bravely open our vulnerable selves to the washing rain of teardrops.”

– Modern Romanticism

Anger. Is such an emotion able to be controlled? It cannot, any more than fire can be controlled for where it spreads. Fire, the weapon. Though, a weapon that controls the wielder of it. We are not responsible with anger. We cannot be. Anger is never responsible for us, for that is the same as believing a tyrant deeply cares for consequences. To anger, anything goes, most literally so, especially from its poisoning to the life that carries it.

Toxicity. That is anger. Or, it is the result of anger. For flame’s sake, we relate a fire to the swell of rage. Therefore, we compare toxicity to the smoke that results from a blaze. We cannot love, with anger, for we always hurt, with it. We make others vulnerable, because we never do such unto ourselves. We break others, or other things, and never ourselves. Were such a destruction to be upon ourselves, we would weep. And, through such a session of weeping, we’d inevitably become able to connect with another. For so long as they are not the oil meant to burn or be heated, and cannot combine with ourselves, the water, they will always fuse.

It is anger that conceals the hurt. It is such an emotion that hides the pain. We do not even yearn to show it, when anger is something that deludes us into a false sense of strength. Of strength, we do not feel it, when we simply burn, inside. We are simply destroying all others who, if unified with ourselves, would create the connection we so yearn. And, if we cried, we would find ourselves not so alone, not so angered at the world, though in comprehension that it was ourselves who held the wrong.

And, to look upon it in a more objective manner, when it comes to Nature, water is the element superior to fire. Therefore, to weep is the objectively correct choice that should not even be a choice. It should be what we were meaning to do, though did not know how.

Quote – “Why a Man finds Addiction Useful” – 10/26/2020

“It is not society, but himself, who tells the man to remain strong. Though, the toxin as the addiction, whether of alcohol, the injection, the pill, or anger, is simply the disguise around hurt. Pain is always concealed by the addiction. Hurt is always avoided by turning to the addiction. By pretending to be strong, a man is avoiding being honest with others. By protecting himself, and no longer others, he is indeed a coward. His strength resides now in falsehoods, in the allurement. For if he were to break, he’d no longer break others.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “Fires of Vengeance, Waters of Justice” – 9/1/2020

“Grief compels the fool to act out, from it. Grief compels the fool to raise a fire against those who wronged them. They are consumed, blinded, by the need for Vengeance. The blood boils up to their eyes, and they see nothing more than their own carnage.

A common human element is hunger. Hunger is the most fundamental of human desires. Though, when we give into it, we are corrupted. And, we share that corruption with others who also ache from hunger.

Yet, water will relate to Justice. Water will douse the fires of Vengeance. Justice will forgive. Justice will stay calm. Justice will quench thirst, instead of satiating hunger. Hunger is endless. Thirst limits us, for our stomachs do not expand, as we do not grow larger, from water. Water purifies us from corruption.”

– Modern Romanticism

Philosophy – “The Objective and Inarguable Difference Between Justice & Vengeance” – 9/1/2020

“Justice does not steer us in a direction, nor does it conform to the emotion of anger. One is calm, through Justice. One is decisive and planning, through Justice. One does not maneuver with a blade or gun to the target of oppression, and call it Justice. For Justice is never personal.”

– Modern Romanticism

The objective fool will call “Justice” to be a thing based around anger. It is not, factually so. How is anger an element to Justice, when Justice can only represent order? When Vengeance would destroy, how does Justice have its mention in destruction? How is anger an element to Justice, when anger will only breed fire? Fire wastes. It wastes and relives that destruction, over again. It causes a cycle that does not end, until forgiveness is placed in the middle of it.

Anger is only a reaction. It must be suppressed. With anger, fumes from smoke are caused.

Nothing about Justice relates to anger. This is a fact. Anger is on the side of Vengeance, not Justice. When a fool will state that Justice must be “dealt”, through his or her anger, they are speaking of Vengeance. Vengeance tears down. Vengeance does not raise. Justice would repair. Justice would forgive. Only a fool whose grief and anger has gotten the better of them, has flooded their mind, cannot see that it is Vengeance, not Justice, that makes hatred known.

Fires bleed through the streets, as it holds the same coloring as blood and innards. We rip, tear, and yank in Vengeance, as Justice would only be gentle. It is Justice, too, that remains stagnant.

There is no movement that can claim Justice to be its strength. A movement moves. Justice does not.

Justice stays within.

Vengeance would seek to kill. Justice would seek to live.

Emptiness blots out life, in the Vengeance that had killed the beating heart. What animals of the streets must be tamed by the leash, so that they do not use their anger, when they cannot be calmed, on their own? It is pitiful.

Speak of truth, through Justice. Speak of lies, through Vengeance. To call your Vengeance as Justice, is to be the epitome of all liars. One is the untamed animal, deconstructing the building to make the wood and leaves, once again. They are now in the wild, with their primal instincts, disgusted at development, grinning at downfall. What a sad story.

Quote – “Receiving Hate, Receiving Criticism: Know the Difference” – 8/28/2020

“There are many who utter the line, ‘This receives too much hate’, when the sentence should read as, ‘This receives too much criticism’. For true hatred cannot be ‘too much’, as it just is, by itself, a destroyer. Hatred is a purpose in one’s life. Hatred is never ‘too much’, anymore than love is too much in this world. True hatred very much destroys the one who hates, faster than whoever is targeted by the hateful one. As it is the opposite with love, though also similar, that the person who is loved, is brought into growth. Those who are loved, grow along as equals, with the one who they love, in return.

Though, what of criticism? Can that be too much? Can the words of a person, in continuous repetition, enforce the madness that would merely remind a person of what they innately know, though are concealing? It would, as all repetition goes, make the person who hears it in its continuum, become maddened through remembrance of objective fault.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “When Angers Affects your Judgement…” – 6/10/2020

“Of all I’ve grown angered for, it has always been clear in mind that through grief, a person has no clarity. A resolution, a solution, an answer is not met when one is swamped by their own anger, stemming from their own grief. Why has it been, even in recent days, that one movement will decide the solution for a problematic manner, through their grief? Even not in the direct knowledge for who has been lost, there is grief. There was a connection, an understanding of childhood, of culture, of tradition, and there was felt grief for the loss. No anger can stabilize a mind, when it does the opposite. The expression of anger will always cause destruction. Calmness writes these words. Angers expresses a pain, though only breeds more pain, and then, more anger.”

– Anonymous

Poem – “The Great Shade of Bitterness” – Romance – 12/25/2019

I thought to myself,
If I could change, from this searing anger I have felt,
To an uplifted self.
And, all that resulted was a bitterness.

I thought to myself,
If I could change, from this demented mind for a man,
I have within my cranium,
And, all that resulted was a bitterness.

Like a lash upon my arm, from your curled tresses,
Or a streak upon my cheek, from your feeble and quivering lips.
Like your tears that drown themselves in my waves,
I wish to see a dream, come towards me,
Just another one,
With one hand caressing another,
As I view it to be.
Much alike, how we were, upon each other’s shoulders.

We carried, what seemed to be light,
We spilled, open from our mouths, the whole blight
To be rid of it!
And, the light flickered, weakly,
But, the blight would not vanish,
It churned,
It twisted,
And we gave in.

We are sick, simply sick,
Because we were not quick
To create the beauty
That would be shielded by our love.

Poem – “The Wrath of God” – Biblical/Romantic

Fill me with the energy,
To attack a traitor.
I saw her playing with power,
Under the sun.
Under her round moon,
A face of many.
Ovular as eggs,
To plant creation into a nest,
A bosom white,
Dropping the hued-red apples.

Though, she’s betrayed all of love,
All of the safety from a ruler.
She faces the wrath of God.
The downpour from His hand;
The Hand of God constructs decimation,
Among the fertile land.
Love, I would, but I strike the fever,
And lash it from existence.

What beauty to lift,
When now, strips of flesh?

What flesh to bury,
Beneath soil and bone,
When now, she’ll be scattered?
The wrath of God is all-honest,
All devoted to the disconnection.
My misery starts when unfurled.

I come upon her with a frenzy,
A makeshift testimony
An unparalleled ceremony,
Of bloodied tides and powdered teeth.
A loveliness!
I hold a body covered in crimson sheets.

I held a power,
The wrath of God.
And now is held a guilt,
All too natural.
For my death,
Will be by hands of my own.