Poetry Series – “For Autumn Rainfalls” – 2/50 – “Sense of Crying” – 10/18/2021

On puddles made from
Shades, further in
The loss of a sane self.
Sense of self
To the waters that bleed
From dry wells.

In the tear-stained moment.
A film, a droplet,
A occurrence that did not occur
Except for deep within.
The shadows kiss,
Bleed to protect their kin.

From the porcelain sounds,
The immaculate praises,
Inborn promises
To love, while death wins its prize.

She gained the grain.
I have regained the pain.
I wallow
Perhaps deeper than she,
While scars emphasize
Nothing more,
Among all adored
That could not be buried deeper
On that distant shore.

1 Comment

  1. “She gained the grain,
    I have regained the pain.” – such a wondrously curious rhyme.


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