Poem – “Here, you Belong” – Love Poetry – 10/21/2021

Here, within arms
To circle your sufferings into closure,
You belong.

Here, outside from the dark,
Into the warmest sense
Of something memorable,
With someone who drinks of
All the descending teardrops
That starve your eyes
From something everlasting.

From there,
To the moments of salvation
Stolen from what never was
In the ocean you bathed,
Though were drowning.

To believe
A love can find its place,
High among fruit,
Within the warmest of atmospheres,
Accompanied with the brightest of kisses
Upon your eyelids.

How much beauty
Cannot be stood
To go underneath,
As I lift you from the plunge
To a spot among the green and blue,
For your flesh to be repaired,
For our sight to be shared.

2 thoughts on “Poem – “Here, you Belong” – Love Poetry – 10/21/2021”

  1. Speaking of the “high among fruit,” the women who roam in and out of your exquisite posts are equally stunning.


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