Political Philosophy – “How a Population is Manipulated” – 10/23/2021

“Leadership does not govern according to its people. As for the politics of leadership, it will govern to what it might find useful or advantageous. As there is nothing more advantageous than of the fruit of chaos, for a people to believe politics sides with a nation’s population is to forget that it exists in consideration for what it might plunder. As all freed nations have become such out of the sufferers becoming the leadership, makes to what is political, in nature, as nothing more than the desire to possess freedom to itself.”

– Modern Romanticism

No leadership connects to its people. All leadership is an advantage for itself, mimicking what former leaderships had done to gain their own display of power. A nation’s population, with its freedoms and rights, are as life, with the idea that both freedom and lives are vulnerable enough to become stolen. Would then a nation’s population believe that rights and also life are precious enough to be protected, means that such are not gifts with the intent on never stealing it back. Does one steal back a gift? It cannot be the case, when this was deemed as mere sacrificial, in essence.

Life cannot be given, as is the same with rights. Freedom is not a gift, because along with rights and life, all of these things are there with their vulnerable nature, always within the threat of being stolen and lost. Rights are lost when such are, though landed in the possession of another who is the thief, speaking of the term “loss” as now on the side of the thief. Rights or freedom or life is lost to the thief, because such were not given to the thief.

Rights are a blessing to have, though even a blessing is earned. A curse is to what is lost of being blessed, though is more the case that the person, with such a loss, lacks the will to take back what was stolen. Their curse is their lack of will, since what was stolen was done by another without the desire to earn, though took to the convenience of theft. If in the recognition of what was worked for, becomes then the recognition of what was lost to ourselves, then the outcome is to take back what was taken from our hands. It is in death that a thing as life, loved by a multitude, can be lost for eternity. What has now amounted to loss, being of a thing now in possession by another, must be understood as something of what was allowed for them to have or not.

True manipulation lays in the mindset of whomever states that their rights are under protection by their nation’s leadership. Such would not be the same as having rights, though instead is the power that is ever-more endangered than life, freedom, or rights. Would one have power, being of the tyrannical sort that dictates who should be free and who should not, is always in danger from those who yearn for their freedoms. It is an inevitable factor that those who want freedom will have it. It is since such a desire to not be deceived nor manipulated will grow to a proportion that its eruption is an unstoppable occurrence.

To those who believe their rights are guarded by their political favorites, are only ever returned the favor by those same political favorites. This manner of manipulation is through the obliviousness that a person’s rights are as guarded as their life, temporary and vulnerable to the notion that all can be stolen. If a person believes that their own rights are protected by those who are leaders to their nation, then their next statement is to believe that those same political favorites hold greater loyalty to their family or friends.

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