Poem – “I should have not” – Love Poetry – 10/22/2021

I should have not
Burned my heart twice
Against what was ruins,
On everything we believed was our
Construction of Heaven.
I could have
Buried my heart amongst it.
I should have
Bled towards the river,
Where now you lay.

I should have
Let you go free.
I should not have
Clung to grief.
I sincerely should not have
Kept a burned-out light
From its peace.

I should have
Died with what was dead.
I could have
Entered communion, before the bread
Was given of your sacrifice.
While kisses, many,
Tell stories with the waves,
I should have told them in my place.
I should have not
Thought twice, to relieve the sadness.

While you
Have died, in everyone’s stead,
Your smile still remains,
Still raises me,
Still a child
Without another word to speak
For the very first time.

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