Poem – “For the Hand She never Held” – Love Poetry – 10/23/2021

She never cries
With denial’s curtain about her.
To the remembrance for what dies
In its youth, running the skies
In barest blue, beyond the nectar.
Wind catches her scars,
While envy reveals the empty shadow –

Beside her, in the bed.
Wide-awake eyes, blue in the midnight,
While belief is lost from sight
That another heart should call, again.
One sentence, one word to float –

Upon an ocean where each thing goes
To remain under the flow.

Above the flood of heavy limbs,
Buildings rain themselves.
While songs of sadness reveal ourselves –

Storms drive on, to their whims.
Beneath Heaven’s bloomings of emptiness,
She falters to speak, –

Before the heralding fires start their dig
Into veins, into grains
To uplift flesh that should not,
Could not
Be deep enough, outside her pains.

Outside her woe,
Love merges its feverish rush
With all else it touched.

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