Poem – “Lost Breath, Last Kiss” – Modern Romanticism – 12/4/2021

Something seems to shake
A heart for heartstrings, covered in
Your scent, your memories make
Skin to unfold,
Embraces carved in Heaven's hold.
Something seemed to be
The unending sign - 

While matches lit
Your eyes, as the river carried - 

Your heart, while time was harried.
Drawing the curtain, as clocks hit
The faint sounds of midnight,
Finding your aura among stars.

In the night, during this
Loss of your breath,
I intake the final kiss
To shut eyes, within your death,
Letting clouds die down - 

Their weight into my empty arms.
Yourself, wrapped around
As clothes, in nothing's sound.
Water treats these eyes - 

With the same sting in Autumn's cries.

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