Poem – “Stone Kiss” – Modern Romanticism – 12/4/2021

In the impeding night.
Your lips had strands of hair
As violin strings
To play this dirge,
A lament before the kiss
Upon the rock.

With the ocean
Running from these eyes
To my palms,
In silent prayer.

Steady me.
Will you hold me?
I was never the weight,
While you were
The anchor.

I was a simple feather
Burning of bristles,
Worn at the tip.
An entire length,
As a smile that sits flat
As a signature
Upon a flaming horizon.

I was someone
who gave a circle of gold,
with a name.

Folded letter,
Writing backwards
With a quill to lock the past.

Walking onward
For the wound to heal,
For the memories to be sealed
Within the next of silent hearts.

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