Philosophy – “Why No Government Should Aid its People” 12/10/2021

“Availability to the short-term is negligence upon what is most available, pertaining always to the long-term. What is long term, being most available, is a person’s comprehension of their capability. To know or understand yourself is always to fathom your limitations. Then, to understand everything capable to a singular person is then a presence that cannot be less available, when it is not expendable.”

– Modern Romanticism

If a government provides or is expected to be responsible, it was because its people were irresponsible. A people faced with crisis will expect its leadership to be responsible for it, though such expectations are from those whose characters were revealed to be weak during the start of their dilemmas. What defines a weak people or population to a nation? It can only be the resulting behavior of national crisis from the people, revealed at the beginning of it. If it is true that crisis does not build character, though reveals it, then this is the reason an expectation will be placed, from those who are weak, towards those who are strong.

However, what defines strength is a person’s character. A nation’s development was not due to crisis, itself. It was due to the aftermath of the crisis, or due to how a nation is better able to prepare for the next. If what defines strength is a person’s character, then its judgement comes upon the realization for who should be responsible to potential weakness being revealed. If those who are strong will survive, then they require no responsibility from an external source. When a nation’s government is expected to be responsible for those who are irresponsible or weak, that same government will be revealed for either strength or weakness when the crisis faces them. Would weakness be the result, then the people are strengthened. Overall, what comes of a nation, regardless of what is faced, is the strength of its people when in realization of the weakness to a leadership or government. No leadership or government can replace its people’s strength, because that is the same as replacing their freedom.

It is the greatest freedom of all to remember that the individualist self is wholly responsible for the outcome to crisis. In being responsible, the outcome to crisis comprehending the handling of the dilemma. One’s handling to the dilemma is not without reveal of character, whether being strong or weak will tell of who will hold the expectancy for who should be responsible. One’s weakness of character has been through their lack of comprehension to how it develops, during when the crisis ends. If they are still in favor of another having control over being responsible to the next crisis, then they are a slave.

One cannot expect a system of government aid to last into the long-term, without ignorance to the notion that these provisions will only aid the short-term. The reveal of character, entering into the long-term, would reduce individualism down to willful ignorance. Though, this cannot happen, because that is the same as burying a person while alive. One cannot ignore the person, in the desire to prolong such government support to the uncertain future. If the short-term is believed to be the only necessary focus, the long-term is ignored for such systems in their maintenance. This lack of maintenance will cause those systems to crumble. To focus on what is most practical to the methods of aiding a nation’s population, there is itself only beneficial to the short-term. Then, to wish for these methods to prolong their system of benefits into the long-term is to ignore what is long-term of individualist benefits, being the development of a people’s character. Where is the place to ignore the possibility of a nation’s leadership or government to prove themselves as irresponsible, during the existence of such systems of benefit, only for the people to prove their responsibility? It is that, in the end, the people are meant to be responsible.

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