Poem – “Your Burning Friend” – Modern Romanticism – 12/10/2021

Hold tight, as
Fate was not meant
To be
Yours, where the sea
Transfers your lullaby
To the sky.

Upon these rocks,
An ocean finds
Your departure, your expanse.
Broken and boarded
Upon the vessel, that
Carries you
Through streams from cuts,
From eyes being shut.

Walk from
This world, to the next
That departs
Without an oar to hold,
Without a hand
To bring you back.

You were miles without,
Whiles within.
A distance, without
Time, to
Stand still,
Or walk adjacent
To the beauty
That keeps falling from
Those burning trees.

Everything that you are not
Becomes simple,
Held upon the spot
Your tears,
Had collected.

Some sound,
Somewhere were joy and grief
Intersect, within faint belief
That eyes were never
The same, when tearstains
Would go gray.

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