Poem – “Broken Oars Float” – Modern Romanticism – 12/13/2021

Beneath, where the cliff
loosens its falls,
its running stream at the torn page,
of ivory.
Water keeps whispering
for one heart in a gallon,
while sinking.

Teardrops, nestled
in sentences too few
when against the border of lips,
stuck upon the tongue
with flame to seal us tight.

Stolen language.
A funeral, sceneries pillaged,
while winter carves out
stalemates, in frozen sacrilege.

Lost to another
in loving ways.
We wilt, for tears to break boundaries,
bleeding in ways, never before
smiling at the crippled song.

Our pain, this rain
falls to sting us close to honey.
The ocean had us close
to breathing.
The skies have us close
to soaring
with bent neck to drink our surroundings.

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