Poem – “Needle of Love” – Modern Romanticism – 12/16/2021

Withdraw your eyes
from embrace and trace.
Waking to the stillness
of a one, frozen in mouth
upon a sigh,
stiff in fingers
upon the cry
while the grasp was coming dry.

A pull-back, a fallen curve
To your body
that landed my collision,
while worth was never served.

Winter reversed itself,
for Autumn to decorate our feet
in summer’s decaying petals.

Losing each tear, facing every fear,
weeping throughout the years.

We walk onto modern times,
digging our stains
into flesh,
embracing every death.

Failing every breath,
withdraw the clouds,
and cut your sceneries
into snowflakes.

Follow the ash,
wade your eyes
in the bleeding snow.

Melt into one distant flash,
facing the void,
shedding the leaves.

We left our summer behind,
waving skeletal hands.

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