Philosophy – “Why Love Conquers All” – 12/21/2021

“No one can regret to love. Because, to love wasn’t a choice. When we look back upon the first time we held a hand, can we analyze the circumstance? Can we ever come a conclusion or reason for that moment? Or is that merely us doubting what is has grown into something spectacular?”

– Modern Romanticism

Love is not a choice. We did not choose to love another, in the similar way we cannot predict when we will love, again. In the way we cannot predict when we will ever love, is also for how we cannot foretell the moment we will die. What has love done for us? It has done nothing. If we love humans, then we cannot put them to use without forgetting their humanity. What is humanity? Humanity is the place of the dysfunctional or unpredictable. If everything merely works or is considered functional, then humanity will be against that vision. Among everything a person chooses will be for the predictable, in terms of function.

Are humans predictable? We are not. Although, love will conquer the broken. Love will heal what was used, until betrayal was realized. However, we cannot predict that moment of truth. We can understand when we were deceived. Although, we cannot understand why it was the case, now when our love remains as a haunting memory. We loved a deceiver, or we had loved a human. We loved either human or demon, though this perception of their evil is an imperfect one. We perceive evil in a person who is as broken as ourselves.

We cannot say an evil person isn’t hurting. Such a false insight would be the same to ignore what will damage a person, in the first place. It is hurt that causes hurt, the same way that violence breeds further violence. If a person fell from the broken ladder, then it was because the ladder had been damaged to hurt someone else.

Why isn’t love a choice, as the main reason? It is because the only option to someone who is hurting is to no longer be saddened by negative memories. That is, if one’s intent is to find peace, love will answer that desperation. Love is within everything good of a memory. Love is to forgive the negative, while finding good in something even evil. “What had caused a person to end up this way?” should be the prominent question. Be empathetic.

It takes courage to not see the self as the only one suffering. It takes greater courage to see the one who hurt you as someone who is also damaged. Once the latter is accomplished, the hurtful person whom we fear becomes a lot less of a terror. We then begin to see ourselves in them. In understanding their hurt as simply human, we can forgive them.

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