Poem – “Permanent Pull” – Modern Romanticism – 1/26/2022

Wherever does
the fragile heart race,
when idle eyes go on, forever?
Leave your trail
where stars had gathered.

Laughter from Heaven
spoiled our springtime,
turned leaves into poison
as you set ruby
to your Autumn lips.

Your kiss
granted me fatality.
You lowered me to Hell,
while I lifted you.

Some bitter warmth
from summer's entrance
reminds me,
unbinds me.

Some ease, in safe
unremittent deception.
Summer scorned the petals apart,
in the disused Spring
to remake of me
all I cannot lose of you.

Permanent pull,
unsound waters in the lake.
A storm in the summer,
a pond in the winter
refusing to freeze.

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