Poem – “Safe in Uncovered Arms” – Modern Romanticism – 2/2/2022

Silent lips, draft your words
upon the fatal highway.
You were always an ear unheard,
before the direction turned
into these staying arms.
I held your whimpers, ample, –

your fevers, crystallized.
Pulling you from funerary harms
into the bowels of next love.
A tongue, the weather, comfort above
where clouds cried for you.

While the inborn kept mourning
to lessen your scorning.
I drank from your eyes, adjacent to –

those lakes that murdered you,
as I saw your pain on white
trails, in the sand, among night.
Each petal scattered
in dusty fields –

was a ruin to share in lament
to its presence, with the torment.
Whenever your cheeks deflated to sigh,
I, too, had cried.

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