Poem – “Woman of Watery Step” – Modern Romanticism – 2/6/2022

Spot the night, cold and white
to the grim complexion you hold back.
"What errors you," I ask, in spite
of everything I realize
has exhausted the rain in your eyes.
Clouds are heavier on your shoulders
than your mind, over our faces together.

To the streets, do you notice
the sunlight between the walker's pace?
With eyes that never leave.
For faces that ever grieve
with those rays that go gray - 

in the heat of exhausted day.

Your rain upon the earth
offers fading hues, translates birth - 

to the cruel roses you ignore.
Vacant, within each step
around those you believe collect
broken petals at the door.
Would you love, without letting go - 

of the moon in your heart's echo?
I realize the waters were for those eyes
where a reflection cries upwards.

For the waves to lift you,
you have to breathe,
you are required to need.

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