Words of Wisdom – “The Pages of Life” – Philosophy on Life – 12/9/2019

“Coming death has its way of marking upon life, the reflection of it, as though the dying one stares always into a puddle. As though the remaining minutes are draining blood from the veins to make that puddle at the person’s feet, there is reflection from a reflection. Death creates history. Pages are never completely torn from books, for a keepsake in a storage, because many details are always lost to the time of a life. Secrets, not shared with life, when the person was well-enough to speak, are left to be scattered as ashes among the soil. As though the headstone raises itself from the brow of the dead individual. As though the headstone were the sight of the dead, only raised halfway to the height of them. Six feet below and three feet above… the dead are submerged, and their headstone may as well be a periscope.”

Words of Wisdom – “To Be a Believer in Nothingness” – Philosophy on Religion – 12/8/2019

“A believer in a world of no authority stems from Atheism. There are those who are frantic about the state of their own individualism, and thus, we have Atheism even in those who are not Atheists, or devoted Atheists, themselves. We have those who are desperate to keep, which becomes the keeping of their duties, until the act of ‘letting go’, and ennui and apathy becomes the central attention, of such people. They become a believer in nothingness. For even those who repeat the slogan, to ‘be yourself’ are Atheists, in the exact definition of the word. Atheism transfers over to a state of centrality. To understand the self, becomes the mindset of any Atheist, when opposite from the belief that another, such as God, understands the self. ‘How many hairs are upon your head?’ a Christian may ask, and he’ll say next that, ‘only God knows.’ Every developing Atheist, begins to believe only in the self, upon one point, unless if it isn’t the case, then they aren’t the true Atheists. If they possess belief, as in, to not be the ‘believer in nothingness’, or if they possess faith, then how can they be an Atheist? To make it blunt in expression, there is no such thing as a ‘total’ Atheist, for even the Atheist devoted to their ways, will be contradicting to their cause. Do they trust the word of their mother? Yes. Do they trust the wisdom of their own children? Yes. And, would they look upwards to the authority of legality and claimed leadership? One would hope so. In such a case, no person can name themselves to be an Atheist, in any whole sense.”

Words of Wisdom – “A Lack of a Gray Area” – Philosophy on Life – 12/4/2019

“The human brain is incapable of processing two thoughts during the same moment. Therefore, ‘focus’ comes into this, when we understand that there are always ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ focuses. There is never a ‘gray area’ for anything, when any individual cannot be ‘focused’ on two ‘focuses’ at the same time. ‘Primary’ and ‘secondary’ holds the same definition as ‘majority’ and ‘minority’. One should never believe in the idea that both a majority and a minority can be unified. It is impossible. Even though they cannot live without the other, one side will always have more power and control, than the other.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Blaming, Pointed Finger” – Philosophy on Life – 12/4/2019

“In the times we do not know who to blame, when we refuse to blame ourselves, we will point our finger at the unseen. We will point our finger at God, perhaps, or we will point our finger at the people who were missing. It is our instinct to never blame the Devil, for we are the Devil, and even for those with the deepest of faith, they will still blame that unseen character. It is because ‘personal responsibility’ is not within those instincts. It must be reminded of, to take responsibility, as the individual leader to only ever an individual circumstance, faulted by only the individual. When we say, ‘God is to blame, because he was never there’, we inevitably speak as God’s enemy, the controller of evil, who, of course, is the Devil. Yet, when does it ever become commonplace for us to admit that Heaven will never be at fault, when we have devised our own Hell?”

Words of Wisdom – “The Very Difference Between a Human and a Tool” – Philosophy on Love – 12/2/2019

“Humans are not meant to be abandoned by humans. However, a human can always abandon the tool. Obsolete and worn through, then the tool is no longer ‘useful’. Alike a soldier as a pawn; alike a servant seen to be a slave; alike a pupil taken advantage for their name, and each of these ‘tools’ possess human traits, unable to be buried too far, without them rising up. We are humans, not as tools, not as necessary implements for science, and to douse all humanity with usefulness is never an achievement. It could not be achieved, because no matter how often the humanity becomes suppressed, it always turns from a pretend achievement to an achieved failure.”

Words of Wisdom – “To Silence a Government/The Other End of Slavery” – Political Philosophy – 11/29/2019

Two types of slavery, to which only one is ever being regarded as even in existence. To beat, would only mean to silence into obedience.

To silence the black slave, makes the black slave obedient.

To silence a slave’s master, would be done so, through words.

The “voice of reason” calls a slave to say that slavery is a wrong. Yet, the slave with that voice is a slave-master, himself.

In today’s time, we employ the more hidden, the more subtle form of slavery. It is the slavery that possesses the mind, unable to ever become “outlawed”. Such a Liberal government will only ever, upon outlawing the ability to speak, upon outlawing the ability to express, revive the slavery against the body.

Firearms and fists, will be the revived banner towards freedom.

This all only proves that humans control nothing.

We are not so much “part of Nature”, since we desperately desire to control it. We are fools, in that regard.

When a slave rises against slave-master, he will do so with first, the fist, and then “cover his tracks”, and create a new name for himself, with the “voice of reason”. Although, as has been noticed, such people who name themselves as “victims” are utilizing words, being the replacement for the whip, to silence anyone against their words, alone. “Only our words are to be heeded and paid any mind,” said perhaps the black slave.

Anyone who speaks, will be told they are “racist”, as such a word has, again, become the replacement for the whip.

The whip silenced a black slave.

To be called a “racist” is now a word, or a tool, replacing the whip, used to silence someone.

And the “victims” now look down upon a leadership, making themselves appear taller than what they have deemed to be “too powerful”.

Who is the one with power?

Words of Wisdom – “The Result of Ennui from Winning” – Philosophy on Wealth – 11/21/2019

If one were to win, all at once, 200 million dollars, it should be obvious that their only gift has become “ennui”. It is a word that defines a complete lack of motivation, to the point of an individual soul sunken in depression. Misery and a forlorn attitude, is all to become of this person’s personality.

Why is this?

It is because to surround yourself with everything you’ve ever desired, in an instant, will degenerate all your appreciation for a “job well-done”. That is, once you have it all, you will no longer need to fight. And this means that you will no longer need to live. You will become closer to death than you’ll ever realize. A suicidal intention will be great in your mind.

There’s a common disbelief, for most people, that should be described as, “Struggle is a thrill for the common human.” It is indeed the case, that a human will soon come to understand, upon receiving all that wealth, that they desire pain.

It is much alike receiving numbness, all at once, to all the pain that has ever affected a life.

Soon, such a numb person will crave the hurt.

They will crave the struggle, and the tension that comes with it.