Poem – “Bright Page of Hope” – Modern Romanticism – 2/15/2022

While we might
in both our vacant hearts,
live in each other's memories,
recede in the other's tides,
I am still avowed in the night,
I am still
waiting with a rippling heart
that you will.

Dreaming in fear, battling the dark,
while I see you tearing pages
from secrets, moments, buried in cages,
locked in one
unguarded mind, finding the sun
too bright to wake for.

I shelter you
in arms, curtained in morning dew.

I believe that you
will fill the ocean with more
than the years we cried for.

At one time, to love
even with faces at a distance.
Sending the kiss off, reducing the sentence
in a hellish world we did not
mean for, wish to live for
while all our eyes found were doors - 

closed, leaving ourselves to rot.
Blankets, before the soil.
We always were looking to grow -

with each other's ease
in the embrace, within the crease.

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