Poem #1,950 – “Moss around a Rock” – Modern Romanticism – 3/14/2022

Watch these eyes
hold back tears,
recede the ocean
as arms apart from you.
Watch the cold depths
become shallow.
The sun had set
to engulf the hills,
to set aflame the past
cluttered in blankets.

Smothered in
forests and unforgiven
Watch these years
turn over no leaves.
The sunset
was an embrace
to leave our minds stranded.
The sun betrayed
the memorable day.
The ocean was a cave
with no light to save.

Let yourself breathe
inside the exhausting space
of eternal love
where we were never free.

Fragile, quickened hearts,
wandering in each other’s touch
while finding mouths able to revive
the broken soul to drink dry.

Let ourselves breathe,
filming the loss, reciting the words
that were not meant to remain
unheard on the cliffs,
unwritten in the tapestry.

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