Poem #1,956 – “All Cries in the Corner” – Modern Romanticism – 3/23/2022

Stir the eyes.
Travel in
froth, for idle bathing.
Mask the senses in
with the memory of your kiss.
I have receded from being
against the shore,
where the sun came to me
as a rose.

I kept bleeding.
I have kept backing
from wall to wall.
A child from a mother’s hip,
scrawling senseless
wording to blank spaces,
timeless voids
where you used to belong.

I always wished
to rewrite your name
on the emptied lids
for eyes looking backwards.

I kept painting
dead petals back to red
in the cooling springtime,
among transparent sunshine.

To bring you back
will cost Heaven
to burn blackened.
In grief and in disbelief,
a broken faith on currents swayed
only for the road that leads me
to the sun I cannot see.

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