Philosophy – “Why Politics Dulls Entertainment” – 3/28/2022

“If anything structured to benefit the short-term is believed able to prolong itself to create the future, the future will be dark. Nothing that, for its place inside addiction in a short-term high, can create when creation is a space of something remembered. If anything is beneficial for the short-term, it will be forgotten. It will be unlike what is loved, is remembered, because it died.”

– Modern Romanticism

If we are able to define art in a single word, it should be “truth”.

Art is a creation of something that was driven from something spontaneous, in its inspiration. When inspiration strikes, the artist is meant to leap themselves upon it. It is the factor of placing the idea where it belongs, before it escapes. Then, how does politics factor in this, when what runs through the political world is escapism in all its addictive benefits for only the short-term? Politics is attractiveness and popularity. A person votes for what is popular, not what is good.

A good film, poem, novel, piece of music, painting or anything else is truthful. Whereas politics is deceptive, due to its lack of representation for what is good. If what is good for the addict is something only popular, accessible, and available for themselves, it is a mere deceptive “goodness” that, for its short-term benefit, cannot prolong itself without its eventual forgetfulness. That is, if the addict prolongs what is popular for themselves, they will turn to forgetting themselves. Of their goodness, their reason to continue a life aside from everything simply to cause falsehood in their deluded sense of living, is everything to die at its replacement by what isn’t truthful.

Politics dulls entertainment at the hands of what deception deal into truth, that it deadens truth when something deceptive merges into truth. When truth becomes merged into deception, it is deception that has tainted truth, becomes what rules it, through the same example as an addict becoming deadened of their individualism and goodness whenever addiction overtakes them.

Goodness is a person, an individual, of one who is meant to be seen as diverse for themselves. Goodness is alongside truth, that to remember such comes with a factor of itself being able to be prolonged into the future. Goodness is itself when it can be remembered, outside of everything else that has died.

Although, if goodness died, then it was because addiction has overtaken it. Politics dulls entertainment, of what is diverse among art in the inherent sense, because nothing that is popular is ever remembered when it is no longer popular. Dead popularity is not remembered when it is no longer the current scene of awareness among a general population. Whereas what is remembered is perhaps the individual or individuals who began what was once popular, that to revive it means to become that individual, once again. It is always the individual, diverse enough as they are, who will be remembered of their inherent goodness and truth.

Politics is escapism, due to its absence of reality. Art is truthful, for its place among reality. Fusing politics with art makes art deceptive, the individual dead while never remembered, as the goodness of all people is forgotten in the stench of something new that is popular.

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