Poem #1,957 – “Stay Strong, for Me” – Modern Romanticism – 3/28/2022

Stay strong
for me, for while
the tulips turn grey
with the overcrossing twist
of a storm that stings the eyes,
there is still spring in yours
in the twin irises
that bloom without the fade
of a cruel winter.

While I love.
While I give graces
to the massive spaces
far above,
each teardrop will be
devoted to all the colored petals
that accompany me
on the hollow journey
with you, set out to sea.

Your depth.
My strength that weakens
as I reach into you.

Your closeness
depicted in every wash
upon the shores,
in each wave’s crash.

Will you remain strong
in the love that feels right,
yet so wrong?

Will you discolor these eyes
that gifted you the same adoration,
lifted you to the same height
as all roses in the sky?

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