Poem – “Deep in the Common Blue” – Modern Romanticism – 4/7/2022

Common run. Clouds
that are teeming
for the wet earth,
making miles in the soot
that coats our fingers,
masks our lips,
creates further rain
from our eyes.

Naked in the endearment.
Clothed, buried in the
uncharted pillaging of lands,
taken by nature,
withdrawn in the futility
of a thousand drawings
becoming rust.

No one saw us
take the plunge.
While everyone watched,
we surfaced,
thinking the sun had made us,
the moon had nourished us.

A light in our hearts
started to wake.
We were taken of first breath,
holding each other’s hand
in the frozen time-scape.

Burying kiss after melting kiss, –

singing through shattered bones.

Lifting the seas with bleeding arms, –

walking on the land with blind eyes.

No one tried to stop us,
with their tears to send us
as unwrapped gifts.

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