Poem – “Cannot Reverse the Heart” – Modern Romanticism – 4/11/2022

If love was a ceiling,
would you lift it
to make it the sky above us?
There are glowing lights that never
spot us, being distant for us,
allowing us the pleasure of shadows,
the concealing of forms
in a bedroom of madness.

If loneliness was a roof,
would you collapse it
to make it the land beneath us?
There is fertility, everywhere
with nothing to grow
behind, before, adjacent to the lakes
spilled from pillars of ivory.
If desire was a waterfall, –

would you block it?
Would you
keep us gravitational,
on uncharted maps?
Would you land stones to
make craters, while
erasing the lights in the sky
to dilute the coming sunrise?

The heart is an open sore,
when kept in place,
begging for movement,
bleeding while nothing is
touching it.

Take the wound,
bury your comfort
in the dust.

I will kiss you until each
of the loneliest stars in the universe
will be extinguished along with
our light.

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