Poem – “While all Love Bore Down” – Modern Romanticism – 4/14/2022

Something. A thing seemed to quake,
no heart was heard to break
when a whisper was heard in the veins,
when life’s forwarding horses
were held back in their reins.

Constriction. A blanketing message
in the room of farewells to all else,
upon the screams of afterthought
that this love, this river of everything
would lead to the corners.

Can you? Can you kiss, even while all
is numb to a heart, as a mirror?
A reflection never wanted, never seen
before smiles burned into scenes –

of silver, in the smoky fog,
our tears in the trail behind.

Would you? While we are gathered
as splintered fragments of a glass ocean,
remind me of where we were sent
among those miles, upon those smiles?

Of silver in the growth of winter,
of winter in the closing of two hearts
never merging upon the sign
when our signature was to resign.

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