Poem – “The Warmth in your Absence” – Modern Romanticism – 5/1/2022

Sifted curtains. Conceal a road,
outdoor scenery uncovered,
received with fog.
Leave a kiss to your entrance,
your residence in each room.
Sounds of train’s whistle
bringing waters of old men’s bags
beneath eyes, beneath stares.
In all I long for
remains your breath,
a sound in nighttime quiet.

Fire in this morning’s sky.
A fire in a lover’s heart,
wasted in every cry.
Lakes dried, lakes being made
while sickness remains everlasting
for your touch, your skin
soft among this weeping din.

Foul scars. Sour hearts
that know no murder
to bring ceases to creases,
pages of stories told,
paused for mere reminder.

Not the trail behind
could remind, without
all grief beginning to shout.
You remain
walking on lakes, swimming on ice
among gliding, frozen thought.

Still with that sun,
Rushing with this run
to tears, to stains
left inside those grains,
at nothing more to gain.

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