Poem – “Rain-covered Eyelids” – Modern Romanticism – 5/4/2022

Both wishes.
Love, within miles,
these concealed smiles.
We taste tears,
have tasted fears
beneath rose petals,
where you lost.

You lost your heart
within the rapids.

Unloved, you were
walking under stars.
Water stays as all,
as it remains our call.
Foraged eyes
beneath soil, among toil
lives in our land.

Both kisses.
Upon a road,
fading in our years,
drowned in our tears.
Unloved, as all
silences in our call.

Buried eyes
have ascended,
beyond funereal landscapes,
beyond borders,
beyond our embraces.

Lost notes
to one beating heart,
to one agonized pair of lips
leaks upon this shore,
staring into clouds.

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