Poem – “Long Days to Love you” – Love Poetry – 6/3/2022

There were
spaces to move, to unearth you
drowned beneath
an ocean of mourning’s dew.
I pressed your hand, to resurrect
love at its waters,
to meet what remains beautiful
at this renewable glimpse
at what stays plentiful.

There were eyes to undress
of their tears, upon their naked
fears, in words unconfessed.
You have held in your rain,
tasting what grows ingrained
as a bitterness
inside your emptiness.

I touch those tears that leak
from that ocean of you,
from those created creeks.
I want your smile to lift that horizon
where I will run with you.
I want your terror to be dropped
at steps past, where we never stop.

I fold you in discovering arms,
while this world ceases its harm.
I cover your eyes in rays
from a sun that falls in,
comes welcomed in, to stay.

To dress you, at this clash
of past to present, to an
uncertain future,
I will embroider green leaves
to encase you in hope’s vast scenes.

One thought on “Poem – “Long Days to Love you” – Love Poetry – 6/3/2022”

  1. Great work. Love the overall conclusion of the last stanza. And the phrase: “ There were eyes to undress of their tears” — I had to stop and reread it, just so I could experience it twice.


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