Poem – “Swimming in Monochrome” – Grief Poetry – 6/10/2022

Absent in mind.
Absentminded, in dividing
portions of a heart.
Forgetfulness. In a time,
where life moves underground,
I gave that great reward
to a soft pair of lips.

Her hair, parted down
directions that never mattered.
Her fingers, sent towards
serrations upon a road.
Devotion sweeps a field
full of dust.

Move this space ahead,
for my eternal dread.
I cannot keep leaving
love to wrap fingers
around a morose serenity.

Life has been all
bleak answers given,
while graves reach out
to take back.
Eroded smiles. Smooth eyes
that see our next universe
full of black against
a weeping white.

Where will you walk
on those marked stones?
I have carried a porcelain frame
to keep you, beyond discolored
stains. Settled in,
while watered within.

Tears keep flowing
towards faraway exits.
Fears trail inside rivers
running upon these
reworded loose leaves.

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