Poem – “Tell me, from Faraway” – Love Poetry – 6/17/2022

Tell me, remind me
of those worms we dug
to get you deeper,
to bring flesh
down to earth
as a fire’s keeper.

Tell me of bonds, bondage
when we left you
writhing beneath shelter of
parasites, under sights
at blinded eyes,
at a storm’s cries
as love roped you back.

You folded hands, praying
to one love you never met,
aching at no passion
you ever slept, while
torture begins at
yearning on a thin smile.

Tell me to reprimand me
that life never brought
itself, as emptiness
into gleaming wine.

Tell me to understand you,
that no key to a grave
can ever unlock you.

You are as bonified
as those puddles around
your unwavering stance,
reflecting you
at second glance.

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