Poem – “A Ghost in Summer” – Grief Poetry – 6/21/2022

Born of breakable wings,
deserted in summer’s depiction
where tears evaporate
at an edge, with a sun’s pledge
to keep you hoping
that all smiles you send
will lift you, apart
from this emptiest end.

An edge, an open book,
a closing horizon. Here, you
wait for smudges to birth
additional words for you
to keep imagining.

When hope drowns peace
back into clearest pain,
we make our faiths become
strengthened at roots that run
to open plains, an open sun.

It pledges to find you, while
this grave has been open
for you. You tear your neck
at miles of rope.

You pull, more than
you push yourself, to find
brushstrokes of white
above an ocean’s reflection
to reveal your unkind resurrection
in a painting of summer’s
death, in a cloud.

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