Poem – “The Wind Carried you on” – Love Poetry – 6/27/2022

Curves dance. Rejoice
that waters will wield you,
beyond backwards unknowns.
You have long known
that our hearts were tongue-tied
upon crippling lies.
Chosen words blanketed
our once-honest hearts,
left a web, where
we will not stare.

Our closing door, left
a pull for you to shut your
eyes to me. Let your release
be to places I cannot find.
Let your wounds
be closed for no more
vows to break you open.

Keep your shoreline as a line.
Keep your shoulders as a wall,
to let no one be welcomed
inside your healing arms.

Kiss your face in a star,
to let fate come apart.
I cherish this night
to your aching,
waking absence, if only
to not die in your presence.

You will find a world
singing its own woes,
while you bring truths close
under your auburn locks,
your feathers on mended wings.

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