Poem – “Holding Tight, Falling Close” – Love Poetry – 7/1/2022

Pull our breaks.
Pull out what breaks,
leaking through a heater,
washing through with fever.
Our sun comes up,
wakes up to our
dawning breath,
on oceans where we

Lovers dive,
love survives.
A heart, under shelter,
where it survives.
Late bloom,
we ended enough
to cultivate.
We brought enough
around, to fertilize.

Cross those eyes
upon cross-roads.
Anywhere will be our
resting place
to reside.

Passion escapes from
a morning’s sigh,
between flaming boughs.
I will hold you high,
when Heaven smiles back.

Life buries.
Love keeps
moving soldiers
to cover battlefields,
covering once-green earth
in contents from
enamored hearts.

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