Poem – “Undermine our Tragedy” – Love Poetry – 7/16/2022

Blanket those memories in
an enclosed heart, in a
stamped envelope. We are
finding our path, among stars,
watching passing debris,
never fading, so long
as we bear ongoing steps.

Our kiss brought rocks,
upon our eyes. Our yearning
came down, as crystal tears,
while we dreamed of what can
be, beyond those waves.
Still in pain, still among those
questions, without answers,
lands, without life.

We walk, because we
want to hear our voices,
in Heaven’s welcoming.
We never faded, though we
have always shaded our name
into a feint, into a
watered-down expression.

If our kiss can bleed more,
when we fall apart, in another’s
ruined arms. If our smiles
can shed more than ashes,
how fare those winds
channeling our words?

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