Poem – “Your Turn to Yearn” – Love Poetry – 7/17/2022

I have been
watering this burning
garden, knowing little
that grief can do,
while you starve under
pressure. There, you
place rocks, around your
fate, inside a shelter,
wanting no warmth,
needing no embrace.

That mouth, those fingers
hushing words, on no tongue
that will taste a bitterness.
Here, I have taken away
all glimpses, of some sanity
I had hidden away.

We loved a little lie,
dying on that dark side
of a masked moon.
Faces with phases, combined,
telling our watching eyes,
more than our ears,
to believe in another cry.

Your turn to yearn,
for I have always listened
to stammering heartbeats,
under comforting bed sheets.

I have been watering
our garden of embers,
watching you escape into
some desperate light.

Have you ever faced an ocean
that kept our years, to its
memories, in motion?

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