Poem – “Unguarded Heart” – Love Poetry – 7/20/2022

Twin’s eyes – shared heart,
blanket these moments
in triumphant starts. We’ll go
to make Heavens, above,
empty themselves.

An unveiling procedure
to bring forth a promise,
words painted with blood,
devotion dropped into
your throat, where you
listen, without yielding.

Another soul has
been extinguished.
Another pair of eyes
are burned out
with dressed candles.
Our own, to our
unguarded hearts, we
plant a kiss. We
stumble through voids
to nestle inside all
we cannot avoid.

A king bleeds his hand
to print his identity
into a blank page.
A queen turns her wrist
to see spots, he has kissed.
A white light, above a
vintaged night.

Two moons, revealing
sparks of created memories.

Discovered suns, upon that
morning we can rekindle.

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