Poem – “Following Lane” – Love Poetry – 8/7/2022

Stirring glance,
a summer’s dance
where blushing stories
are told, under
forgotten worries.

I will renounce
a scene for remorse.
I will resound
those etched, scrawled vows,
renewing what cannot
leave, from where it
ever stopped.

Caught tears,
in a puddle for collection.
Cards laid down
to gamble, one final time,
on a heart that
forever chimes.

Wiped smears
on cheeks meant to glow.

I come to hear
your grief, where it snows.

I come down this lane
to carve bold words
to erase a stain. While we
dress in all colors,
we are beyond everything
that ever shamed.

I come to nourish you
far from brutal blue.

I come to answer you
from what you never knew.

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