Poem – “An Ocean’s Words” – Grief Poetry – 8/9/2022

If Autumn lifts its
leaves, back to trembling
boughs. When all that
fell, comes back to haunt
a deserted mother,
we will see our tears return
up from its surrender,
with words to remember
without fog above
our vast ocean.

Love makes music
in grief, without sight
upon reunion. What drowns
become glimmers among
those waves, gone down
in their crash to lash
those backs, where more
words are written.

Scars being ample,
while Autumn left much
abandoned, for spring’s
ascension. Brought up,
like curtains to begin this
act. Love relives its
presence, in those most
fearful of their existence.

An ocean. One lone shore
where words are drawn
in crystal sands.

A reminder. One clear memory
to what never left, under all
teardrops, never counted.

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