Poem – “Sounds we Mute” – Grief Poetry – 8/10/2022

Clashes to solve,
with more to dissolve
under swirling tides,
where bodies were formless
beneath bottomless clouds
drifting in our heads,
connecting muted sounds
that we eclipse.

Thunder races. Lines are
traced where we
can see. Our oceans cross,
like tears that burn over
pallid cheeks. Contours are
drawn around our bodies,
formless, while dancing
at an ocean’s floor.

Above, those waves are
flaming where we had
told farewells. One little mile,
one more sadness to smile
for, to wipe clean from
a dirtied shore.

Erasing contact, like
passing stars into blurs,
while love had one little slur
to speak, while we were weak
to believe in anything
we can seek.

Passion erodes at those rocks
covered in smears, wallowing in
nothingness with tears.

Thunder diminishes when
silenced, burned out like candles
for deaths of violence.

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