Philosophy – “Why Society is not to Blame, for your Errors” – 8/22/2022

“One who blames their individualist faults as having collective origins has forgotten that a problem will be fixed, through self-admittance. When one admits that their faults have been theirs, one can be aided through available resources. Although, admitting that these issues originate from one’s surroundings, instead of oneself, will mean that one no longer possesses an issue to be fixed. One has admitted, through this latter scenario, that this world must be repaired, while we can forget ourselves and others who have issues for a supposed fixed world to solve.”

– Modern Romanticism

A perfect world must be realized as even less realistic than a perfect individual. When we blame our surroundings, this world, this means we have not admitted that our faults are our own. To identify an issue will be first through admittance. Next, we take to resources. However, to skip over that stage of admittance will be for someone to venture to resources, though without such admittance for oneself, upon their issues, all resources will be wasted without comprehension for their proper application. Such means that if one blames all institutions for their inadequate or dysfunctional resources, one has blamed what gets wasted of this world before those who enter rehabilitation centers to waste their own time out of that misguided admittance for a fault.

If one blames their surroundings, before themselves, this way for admittance refers to their world as needing to care about such faults of individuals, while that individual must not care for their personal faults. Though, if a purpose to an institution will be to aid troubled individuals, what becomes of this purpose when an individual cannot be aided due to no focus of themselves upon themselves? With a world to focus on a troubled individual, there comes negligence to an individual upon themselves. We cannot blame dysfunctional institutions, when this purpose to aid troubled individuals becomes voided when believing that such institutions must be fixed, before those troubled individuals. This has been due to those troubled individuals lacking a requirement of care, to themselves, that no institution can offer, through a resource. As in, no resource exists that can teach a person to care for their own faults or to admit that their faults are their own. However, it has been an ease for an individual to instead blame their surroundings, before themselves.

If individuals will be neglected, while institutions must be saved, all have lost this understanding upon what holds fault. An individual cannot be taught to admit that their faults are because of themselves, or because of their own actions or inactions. Rather, an individual can be taught that these institutions are at fault, when it remains easier to blame such, over oneself.

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