Poem – “On Grief’s Avalanche” – Grief Poetry – 8/26/2022

All in all.
I hope that our rain
keeps pouring.
Fall within fall,
I pray for
Autumn leaves
to keep bristling
with those clashing
chimes, from
crying branches.

You went on
to run on,
while sticks were
same as stones,
floating on puddles,
gleaming in your eyes.
While I stayed
to look at a moon,
hope kept finding me
walking backwards,
to a cliff.

A heaviness.
Utterances to a few
vowels that betray
their neighboring consonants.
In all that bled for romance,
I am here, counting us
in those burned letters,
weeping for its sender
to turn back.

Wherever you walk,
beneath snowfall,
love holds hands with gravity’s
descending empire.
All becomes scattered bricks,
rustic with wounds
drawn like crude smiles
at a hundred
retreating footsteps.

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