Poem – “To Stumble without Falling” – Love Poetry – 9/2/2022

These rested eyes
sleeping, without a noose.
These nights that we
gave into starlight, without a
way to ever lose ourselves
within sunlight, while those days
faded quickly into passing
shadows. Those arms that we
strayed into, like lost hounds
breaking our leashes to
shake our hands with a new
compelling master.

Those lights. Burning a new
day into something else
always going gray.

From a heart that continues
to decay, while we are
wandering towards those
sounds that are soundless,
echoing from hollow throats
that spoke no sentences
we can fall for.

To be here, at an ocean
we are swimming within.
To be there, holding hands
in a room full of
familiar, naked shadows,
we spill rivers for,
we splash in reflections
we never adored.

Running words, from
lips. Outstretched hands that
reach for those shades
that we pull, for another moment
deep into unneeded blame.

To winter, rowing on.
To summer, passing back
on those lesser heights
we were everything,
keeping nothing
for our sight.

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