Poem – “Spaces & Pauses” – Love Poetry – 9/6/2022

Choose to repeat
taking place in those seats,
as life skips seconds
in between heartbeats,
finding our world to walk,
before arms have a minute
to drown us.
Repeating needless words,
unkept promises that
were for smiles too large,
hearts burned down
as buildings on edges
of barren towns.

All that talk,
those seconds we walked,
awakening to autumn’s rush,
a cold wind against
our vacant shoulders.
We had nothing to cry for,
carrying all that
no one had prayed for
while we linger on,
dying for this
world’s emptiness.

Our tears lasted,
until oceans kept this
exhaustion heavy
at one blended kiss,
reminding us of nothing
we ever mourned over,
while we burned forever,
changing seasons into days
we were growing if only
to hold our smiles up.

Falling for crippled language,
dying for pauses, spaces,
between sympathetic

I’ll watch our reflections
matching in painful resurrection
to memories that go on,
while we continue
to sink beneath.

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