Poem – “Fitting you into Language” – Love Poetry – 9/7/2022

Sceneries closing
like chapters in wrapped up,
bandaging sentences.
Promises held up,
like grails, revealing history
drunk from a cup,
spit out into hands
held together, broken apart
from all those lost words
we were losing at
an unexpected ending.

Live your last light,
frozen from that moment
we were dreaming
of utopian streets,
within harrowing pleas,
inside crossing directions
when winds turned pages,
twisting us on a story
we were not controlling.

Piece together
chapter after chapter,
at tasting your lips,
reacquainting myself with
sustaining bitterness.
Swim words around
to all leaked sounds,
holding passion
as light above ground,
as fuses, before
we die, before we
ever explored.

All those expectations,
resigned at realization.
You’ll fit between letters,
held together
at flames that burn,
forever, in this dark
night that regains light.

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